Zillah Minx – She’s a Punk Rocker

What’s great about Zillah Minx is that she was there, in London, at the start of punk. She was living the life that we young, teeny would-be punks would have liked to have been part of, if in 1977 we hadn’t had school, old-fashioned parents and no money.

Zillah Minx6062d142 Zillah’s musical career started as part of the anarcho-punk scene when she took the microphone in a D-I-Y jam at the end of a Crass gig. Her main image as singer for Rubella Ballet was to wear day-glo clothes, in contrast with the usual dark anarcho-punk outfits.

Sine then, Zillah has become better known as a film maker; she seems passionate about recording the role of women in punk, and conducted many interviews with the most influential female punk musicians and characters who were there at the start.

Check out her most famous film “She’s a Punk Rocker”.


There are a few interview with Zillah Minx available online. We’ve asked her for one, but we’re still waiting, Watch this space, and in the meantime, here’s a previous interviewon Punk Globe.

Zillah Minx interview


2 thoughts on “Zillah Minx – She’s a Punk Rocker

  1. The photo of Zillah and Sid that you’ve used across the header of this page was taken by me at Feltham Football Club in May 1983 on a cheapo 110 film camera, I took quite a few photos of the band that year.

    Hitch-hiking to London from Bristol to see them was a common occurrence at that time and I always loved seeing them play live.

    I really enjoy what you’re doing here and always look forward to checking in for the latest instalment.

    Cheers, Dave Moon.

    1. Hi Dave, Thanks for the comments and I shall try to credit your photo when I edit the post. Cheers!

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