Lena is…a Punk Rocker…

This story is almost to good to be true…are you sitting comfortably…???

Punk Rock was not kind to the career of Lena Zavaroni. Everyone’s favourite 1970s mini fire-cracker and winner of TV Talent Show “Opportunity Knocks” had seen a demise in record sales even before bearing the confusing, but well over-due onslaught that Punk Rock was currently wreaking on popular culture. It was not really Punk’s fault, nor Lena’s, it was just one of those things. With her album sales on the slide, Lena took the opportunity of an appearance on the December 13th 1980 edition of the BBCs Basil Brush Show to sing something new, something that she or somebody advising her thought might be more in keeping with the tastes of the current generation. And where better to turn for material than one of the young up-and-coming acts who were busy proving their mettle in the songwriting department. Between albums, Lena recorded a one off single “Will He Kiss Me Tonight?” on one side and “Dream Come True” on the other, both – in case you’d forgotten, penned by Dolly Mixture. Just press play….

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