What is punk?

If you had to explain Punk to a 5 year old, what would you say?

Polly: A long time ago, in the mid 1970s some people noticed that Pop Music had become a bit complicated and pompous and a record called Bohemian Rhapsody had been at Number One for ages and ages, and so some of these people decided that instead of just complaining about it, they would start their own bands where it didn’t matter so much about how well you played, and that they would start playing the kind of music that they wanted to hear. It was loud and fast and practically anyone could join in, and you could also say anything at all (even swear words) and wear the sort of clothes that told everyone else that you liked Punk. And when the big record companies didn’t put out their Punk records, they said they didn’t care and they started their own smaller record companies called Independent Record Labels and they used these to put their own records out. Lots of people liked these new records and lots of these people started their own bands and record labels.

Ruth: Yeah, wot she said. But I’m more punk rock than you.

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