Well Done Us!

We (Polly Popinjay and Ruth PO!) decided to do this project for 2018; to blog, tweet and create stuff about being a female whose life was changed by punk. Thanks to everyone who’s read, commented, liked, shared and tweeted back.

For Record Store Day 2018, we have made some badgezines. You can get a free minizine with a punkgirldiaries.com or “Jane” badge from selected little record shops on Saturday 21st April.


Record collector type people like lists, league tables and obscure bits of info – so here it is:

After three and a half months, 97 posts and only one meeting between Polly and Ruth, we have had over 5,000 views on this punkblog.

Top 5 countries for viewing punkgirldiaries:

  1. UK
  2.  US
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada

Top 5 posts:

  1. Mad Mary
  2. Soo Catwoman #2
  3. Soo Catwoman #1 – The First Punk Icon
  4. Why did punk happen? #1 blame the teachers
  5. Punk Badges

….meaning that Polly’s ahead with 1,486, with Ruth on 1,003 but we’re not competitive, are we?

We hope to get through to the end of the year with more posts (daily if we can), maybe a podcasty vloggy thing; original interviews with punkgirls and it would be good to DJ an event, wouldn’t it?

Many thanks!

Photo location – Lucky Fret Music Co London

Tell us what you think! Did you like the post? Do you agree? Do you have some information or experience to share? Please let us know by commenting!

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