Wearing a bin bag

Today, Ruth interviews Polly.

Polly, when was the first time you ever heard about Punk?

“The first time I ever heard about Punk was at a friend’s house sometime in 1976. One evening, my best friend’s mum and her very Ab Fab mums gang burst in through their front door, screeching with laughter all along the hallway, where they headed straight for the kitchen drawers. Curious, we turned down Top of the Pops and picked ourselves up off the bean bags to investigate.


They said that they were on their way to a fancy dress party and had just decided what they were going as. My friend’s mum and her cohorts ditched their coats over the chrome cantilevered chairs, still howling with mirth. “So what ARE you going as?” my friend asked, as her mum was busy unrolling a packet of bin liners and handing them around.

“Punk” she gasped

“We’re going as Punk, darling”.

One of them appeared at the dining room door with a wire coat hanger over her head and they all collapsed in tears of laughter again. Her mum ripped a few seams out of a bin bag and put it on over her jeans and t-shirt like a dress. They all followed suit and then still giggling they made final costume adjustments, grabbed some more coat-hangers, put their fur coats back on and piled back out and into the Mini Cooper that was parked outside,.

“The au pair will make you some dinner darling, don’t stay up too late”.

Punk had arrived. It looked like fun.

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