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In the past 40 years many things have changed, including the shocking development that “Marathon” bars are now called “Snickers”, and some of that era’s favourite bands are no longer performing. While some bands like Blondie for instance, are back in business with full blown arena tours and new material, alongside a seemingly endless range of beautifully packaged, re-issues, there are plenty of our formative musical heroes, who we’ll never see again. There are also those bands who never really went away, along with the ones who continue to make their more niche music to a small, but still rabidly dedicated fan-base.

But aren’t there are always those bands who we’d love to see just once more at their peak…but now, and in a small club, which is just up the road, and with no risk of them playing any songs off the “new” album….just the songs we already like…?

Lizzie and the Banshees are a Siouxsie & The Banshees Tribute band who are based near Edinburgh, they formed in 2012 and have been blasting out the mighty sound of Chislehurst ever since. They have an impressive schedule of gigs, they play to packed clubs and celebrate the Banshees at the height of their beauty and their powers, which is no mean feat. If you’ve yet to see them perform, they look and sound a little bit like this…

Punk Girl Diaries asked Lizzie, about her approach to being the frontwoman of a Banshees tribute band, starting with, how on earth do you DO Siouxsie anyway, where do you even start….???

IMG_0704Lizzie : “That’s a hard question, not exactly sure to be honest! When we decided to put the band together I wanted to ensure that I did Siouxsie justice, as did the rest of the guys in the band. It’s taken a lot of rehearsal time, and reviewing hours of live footage and listening to loads of studio and live recordings to pull together the look and sound of the Banshees. Every time I watch live footage I see new moves, Siouxsie is unique!”

PGD : How did you first find out you COULD do Siouxsie?

Lizzie : “Its a long story….I’ve only ever played drums in various bands and done a bit of backing vocals since my teens. In 2007 I was drummer in punk tribute band called “Cash From Chaos” and we were doing great. Gigs included support slots for SLF, UK Subs, Rezillos, and the Anti Nowhere League, and were also lucky enough to get the opportunity to play in Las Vegas as well. Our set included some Banshees tracks, Spellbound, Hong Kong Garden, and Arabian Knights where I would take lead vocal and play drums. I suppose this did stand out as at that time, they’re weren’t many girls playing drums and singing like Siouxsie 😁.  People seemed to really liked this and I was encouraged in 2012 to get out from behind drums and do the full Siouxsie thing.  Very scary, as not something I was used to”.

PGD : So what’s the deal with tribute punk, and who comes to see you?

IMG_0703Lizzie : “I suppose it’s about trying to give people the opportunity to hear the songs again live. The Banshees split up years ago and although Siouxsie has performed fairly recently it’s unlikely the Banshees will ever perform together again. We want to try take people back to their youth, to reminisce and also give younger Banshees fans the chance to hear the songs live as wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see band back in the day. People who had seen the Banshees previously and also younger folk who are big Banshees fans. Punks, goths , all ages!”

PGD : Have you ever heard from Camp Banshee? Either endorsements or otherwise?

Lizzie: “We have had contact from Peter Fenton, original Banshees guitarist but not Siouxsie or any of the other guys. Steven Severin lives in Edinburgh but we’ve never crossed paths.  

PGD : Do people ever get you mixed up with actual Siouxsie? – want you to sign Siouxsie autographs etc…

Lizzie: “No”

PGD : Have you got a contingent?

Lizzie : “Yes, one or two 😉”

PGD : Have you ever been to Chislehurst?

Lizzie : “No, I live near Edinburgh so quite a distance from there. Maybe I’ll get there someday”.

PGD : Favourite Banshees track to sing?

IMG_0776Lizzie : “Nightshift is defo my favourite, but it’s a privilege to perform Siouxsie and the Banshees songs live as they were such an iconic and brilliant band ❤️”

Lizzie, you are a diamond, thank-you for taking the time to talk to us, and explaining your involvement in the land of Tribute Punk so beautifully. Before talking to Lizzie it was hard to think of tribute anything as being much more than a wedding or party band, but watching, listening and talking to Lizzie has got us thinking….as a musician, a fan and a woman with enough natural talent to either drum or front a band as she chooses, by simply getting up and doing it, regardless of what anyone might think….we’ve got to admit that IS a kinda punk rock attitude….

Lizzie and the Banshees, coming soon to a town near you – unless you live in Chislehurst that is…


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