The funny thing about punk is ….

Punk is fantastic! Punk is life-changing and liberating! Punk is art and music all-squeezed-out. But punk is not funny. No way. Not to anyone.

I might have hyped this blog post up a bit. I tried….. I really tried to find some hilarious smirky punk funnies.

But there are none.

We are so let down by punk humour; it’s just a clunky stereotype that seems as bad as mother-in-law jokes. Funny clothes, piercings, no rules, old people trying to be young. It’s not so much rolling-on-the-floor as roll-your-eyes in despair.

Newspaper cartoons seem to have strict copyright online, so we can’t show them but if you use the search term ‘punk cartoons’, you’ll see endless visual gags about spiky hair being sharp, about old punk rockers and their straight-laced children or about how punks are not as tough and anarchic as they make out.

We shall continue to look for something genuinely funny, but in the meantime, this is the best that the Internet has to offer:



2e90ee0e5e8af5076dc99f24bf983637       34857063-cartoon teen Romantic Punks

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