Terms and Conditions

Limitation and Liability

Punkgirldiaries is not liable for any errors or inaccuracies in our web or published content. Our output is intended to be lively, incisive and informative; we are not liable for any offence caused by our products or any 3rd party statements contained in them. Although we aim for consistency and continuity in our blogsite and online store, we cannot guarantee this. However, clear communication with customers and followers is a priority.


Please see our privacy notice about how punkgirldiaries uses names, addresses and email details.

Intellectual Property

The ‘punkgirldiaries’ name, graphical images and publications are owned and protected by punkgirldiaries (Ruth Miller and Polly Hancock) trading as Unglamorous Music 20 Deacon Street, Leicester LE2 7EF. Single image uploads to social media that reference punkgirldiaries are permissible and approved; reproduction of whole articles or blogposts need permission before publication from punkgirldiaries@gmail.com.

All material ©2020 punkgirldiaries.com

Products Information

As a new, small company, we aim to produce good quality products, trying to be increasingly sustainable and ethical in our sourcing whilst balancing costs.  T-Shirts are hand-printed and zines are numbered limited edition, so supply cannot be guaranteed.

All products are individually checked for condition and suitability before dispatching. Images and descriptions online give detail about each product, and customers can ask specific questions before buying, via Twitter, email or the web site.

Payment Terms

Paypal is used as the main payment system for online purchases. Other methods can be arranged, including buying directly from punkgirldiaries at events, or via a 3rd party retailer. The terms and conditions apply under all purchase methods.

Purchasing several items does not guarantee cheaper postage, or that the items will be shipped together. This may vary depending on the order, but punkgirldiaries aims to communicate with customers to explain the costs and to offer future discount or refunds where overpayment has occurred. Where there has been an underpayment error in ordering or payment, punkgirldiaries will email the customer to ask for any extra payment to be transferred.


Subject to stock being available, punkgirldiaries aims to despatch orders within 48 hours, using 2nd class postage (UK) and International Standard Royal Mail (overseas). Customers are asked to contact punkgirldiaries@gmail.com if their package has not arrived in the expected time. If there is a delay due to waiting for stock, punkgirldiaries will notify customers by email. Punkgirldiaries obtains proof of posting, but is currently unable to provide parcel tracking due to the high costs involved.

Returns and Refunds

Punkgirldiaries does not accept returns on the basis of unsuitability; before purchase customers are urged to read the details and ask questions if there is any doubt.

In the event of an order not being received, punkgirldiaries can email the proof of posting in order to take the matter up with Royal Mail: https://www.royalmail.com/retail-compensation-policy-loss

All items are individually inspected and dispatched in good condition. Any items damaged in transit should be notified to punkgirldiaries. Proof of posting can be emailed in order to take the matter up with Royal Mail. https://www.royalmail.com/retail-compensation-policy-damage for UK and https://www.royalmail.com/international-compensation for overseas parcels.

On occasions, punkgirldiaries may replace lost or damaged orders out of goodwill, but this is not guaranteed.

These Terms and Conditions were written 09/08/2020

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