Julie Burchill’s Skinny Rants

We Punk Girls have been writing, posting and blogging for three months now. There’s lots of really interesting old pictures to be found on the Internet, but nobody seems to have scanned in old articles from the NME. And that’s what we need today. The rants that Julie Burchill wrote about how cool skinny is and how fat people are revolting.

Burchill began writing for the NME aged 17 and despite moving from one publication to another, has since continued to be a journalist who goes against the grain and aims to shock. But for schoolgirl readers everywhere, she was an idol and someone to set your moral compass by.

In my small town, there wasn’t such a thing as cocaine. I hadn’t been offered any drugs and it was pretty hard to get an underage drink when, at 17 you looked about 11, like I did. I hadn’t really twigged that all these supposedly gorgeous twiglet-thin punk stars were actually unwell. They did just seem very cool.

Tom Verlaine and Iggy Pop passed the required standard for those Stalinist body image standards. But I guess the music was pretty good too. Burchill looks very different nowadays, but can we forgive those rants?



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