Quizmas Party 23rd December

You’re invited to join our punkgirldiaries Quizmas Party on Twitter, with a Spotify playlist at 7.45pm GMT for about an hour on Wednesday 23rd December 2020. Just imagine you’re here at our virtual ski lodge…

That 70s Ski Chalet -- groovalicious time capsule house

We know lots of the coolest and ultra-sound punk fans don’t do Twitter, or Spotify – if so, you can still enter our competitions by email and play your own vinyl or CDs, but Twit and Spot have proved to be the best way for us to connect with people across the world, and create some kind of fun community.

All you need to do is follow us on Twitter and check just after 7.30pm when we’ll post the link to the Spotify playlist. At 7.45 we all start the playlist… we virtually mingle, dump our coats in a big heap in the corner, dance (at home .. yeah maybe on our own), grab some crisps, swig a snakebite or cuppa tea or a finally fire up that long forgotten fondue set and most importantly join in with the tweeting!

We’re going to play some party games, chat about the music, take in the views from our wonderful virtual ski lodge, and maybe tell everyone about our choice of drink or outfit. Click ‘like’ or retweet and we’ll give a shout out to as many people as we can. Sometimes our musical heroes pop by and say hi; sometimes people reconnect with old friends or find interesting new people to follow and befriend. Occasionally we hear some gossip!!! No really!!! Around 9pm we’ll draw the raffle, congratulate all the prize winners, make sure we have their postal address, then bid you all a very Merry Christmas and you can go on to a Twitter nightclub or back to work if you’re in the opposite time zone.

You’re all invited, all welcome, and we look forward to some fun, chats and give-away party games! punkgirldiaries.com tweeting at our virtual ski lodge Quizmas Party on Wednesday 23 December at 7.45pm GMT.

Here are the Twitter party prizes and a list of the games. We admit that they are a bit silly and hope you’ll enter into the desperate fun that goes with this surreal and traumatic year. It’s best to send your entries via Twitter during the actual party on Wednesday 23rd December 2020, but you can also enter by email any time up to 12 noon GMT on Wednesday 23rd December 2020. You’ll need to say which game your entry is for and give your name and postal address (for prize or free goodies). We aim to announce the winners soon after the Twitter party ends! Scroll down to see the five prize-winning games you can join in with.

You can win…..

Party Game 1 – The Big Raffle Prize!

Win a full set of 4 punkgirldiaries blogzines

This is the big one! One person will receive all of our published Blogzines to date, that’s a copy of 1, 2, 3, and 4 featuring exclusive interviews with Gaye Advert, Lesley Woods, Gee Vaucher, Juliana Hatfield, Alannah Currie, Big Joanie, The Lovely Eggs, Pauline Murray, Wendy James, Julianne Regan, alongside original art, analysis and so much more. All you have to do is enter the Big Raffle. Normally we’d sell you a ticket like this:

Products Archive - punk rock posters

But, because it’s a Twitter online party, you need to make your own ticket, choosing any number from 001 – 999 and Tweet the picture of the home-made ticket on Wednesday 23rd December 7.30 – 8.30pm, with your name and location. We will then put your name and number into the hat to be drawn out at the end of the party, but we might also give extra prizes for really good-looking tickets!

Party Game 2 – Win a punkgirldiaries Part Time Punk Tote bag

Game to be announced on Twitter at 8pm on 23rd December 2020. Hashtag spontaneous! No prep needed!!

Party Game 3 – The Picture Round – ‘Name the Band’ – Win a signed copy of Dave Haslam’s ‘Searching for Love: Courtney Love in Liverpool 1982’ – kindly donated by Mr Haslam himself!

Name the band or artist from a tiny section of a record sleeve! Either enter via email (punkgirldiaries@gmail.com ) by 12noon GMT on 23rd December OR via Twitter Direct Message by 8.30pm. Correct entries will be drawn out of the hat and announced at the end of the party. You only need the band/artist name, but if you know the record title, you can try to impress us!

Party Game 4 – Worst Christmas Photo Competition – Win a No Time To Be 2021 Calendar!

Send us via email (up to 12noon GMT on 23rd) or Tweet us @punkgirldiaries (between 7.30pm and 8.30pm on 23rd) a bad Christmas photo with the hashtag #worstchristmas. It could be an old one from the 1970s, one of your teenage pics featuring you scowling amongst the presents/tree, or you could create something new that sums up a terrible Christmas 2020. At least one person will win a punkgirldiaries No Time To Be 2021 Calendar!!

Party Game 5 – Karaoke Competition – Win a T-Shirt!

The backing track for Blondie’s ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ is already on our special Quizmas Party spotify playlist, and if you can’t remember all the words, the lyrics are HERE for you to view as you grab a hairbrush microphone and join in! After your heartfelt performance, have another drink, give yourself a mark out of 10 and let us know what your score is. If you tweet us a photo of yourself karaoke-ing, you could possibly stand a better chance of winning! Punkgirldiaries T-shirt for the victor!!

We hope that you’ll take a glance at Twitter at 7.45pm on Wednesday, join in with the games and maybe win one of the prizes. Many thanks to Dave Haslam for providing the prize for Game 3. It has been a difficult year for many people, especially in music and performance arts; loads of us are desperate to get out and see live music again as soon as we can. But for now, take refuge in some prize party Quizmas games in our rather glamorous 1970s virtual ski lodge. Merry Christmas!

Tell us what you think! Did you like the post? Do you agree? Do you have some information or experience to share? Please let us know by commenting!

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