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We had some great reviews for Blogzine 1, which we had hurriedly put together using some of our best posts from the online blog. Right now, we have nearly sold all 200 numbered copies.

“Fabulous content…badass design” – Louder Than War

“Top zine! Buy it!” – Jon Savage

“Bursting with interviews” – Gary Crowley

“Classy and brassy” – Scottish Post Punk

Lene Cortina and Vim Renault are punkgirldiaries.com

But the second one could be more original, right? Not just a rehash of stuff from the blog; maybe we could interview people – maybe some women who were in punk bands, or in bands today? That was the thinking that got us messaging some of our favourite punk girls, to ask if they’d talk to us.

By the end of March 2020, the UK was in full lockdown, so we figured that normally-busy people might have a bit of time to read their emails and get back to us. Success! For blogzine 2 and number 3 too, we have managed to interview a lot of women involved in punk music, whether it be via video chat, phone calls or emailed questions. We tend to ask everyone how they got started in music, or in their particular band. We love finding out about the process of writing, recording and gigging and whether punk has impacted on their lives. We also love an anecdote about the reality of the musical life!

So we hope that the content is fun, interesting and original – whether you’re familiar with the old punk bands or not. We also wanted it to be weighty – with loads of words for your money on 40 packed pages; not just something you could read in 10 minutes. In designing the zine, we wanted to make it a riot of colour, with the same scattergun effect you see in old children’s annuals or ’70s zines but with the benefit of modern printing . As we both love vinyl, the zine just had to be square (like a record sleeve, baby) – 210 x 210 mm.

We decided that we should promote original art on the cover. The first blogzine cover (Oh Bondage Up Yours!) was designed by Sadie Hennessey and Blogzine 2 cover art (Another Day Another Shitshow) is by Pat Naylor. Inside the zine, there are strange 1970s photos, naive cartoons and cut-up styling. There’s Dymo tape, alarming graphics and a bit of smart-arsery but it all goes to show how much we love punk and post-punk music, the girls and women involved in the scene and the wisdom that we can now bring to it all in later life.

Favourite things in this issue of punkgirldiaries blogzine?

I was so happy when Alison Statton agreed to an interview, because she’s a very private person; we were honoured!

I also love the special 1977 calendar that Lene made from one of my Gran’s old photos – and the outrageous high-kick photo!

It was great to find out about The Klitz and how Alex Chilton was involved; I’m happy that Marcia and the band are being remembered.

Helen McCookerybook has been really supportive of the blog site and also got us some cracking photos and really interesting interview answers.

It’s important that we include things that are right up-to-date and not just old punk bands. Steph from Big Joanie was very generous with her time and letting us use some cool photographs.

Also Adele Nozedar was so funny; what a great interview – and the records were very strange!

Take your pick! If you want to order Blogzine 2, please visit punkgirldiaries store.

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