punkgirldiaries bLoGziNe 1 coming soon – 12th May

We (Polly and Ruth) are the product of punk. Even at 50+, we each have our own little-known bands and still don’t seem to follow conventional fashions.

But the enduring spirit of punk meant that we decided to start a blog in 2018. So we did.

With the impending lockdown, in 2020 we decided to make a fanzine … or is it a blogzine? Anyway, we did. 40 pages, top-notch colour and about 20,000 words of sharp analysis/nostalgia.

Publication date? 12th May, when it will be available here, but preorders and requests for review copies can be made now via email punkgirldiaries@gmail.com .

Tell us what you think! Did you like the post? Do you agree? Do you have some information or experience to share? Please let us know by commenting!

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