What would you be like if punk hadn’t happened?

Today, the writers of this blog, Polly Pop and Ruth PO! are asked to imagine their lives if punk hadn’t happened……

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If punk hadn’t happened, I don’t think I would have got interested in politics. It would have taken me longer to get my head around anti-racism and feminism. I would probably have tried to make it in some kind of corporate job and I’d probably be going enthusiastically to folk festivals. So punk really did change my life.111 (2)


I think I would have gone mad. Worst fear is that maybe I’d still be sitting in my childhood bedroom listening to the Partridge Family! Without punk I’m pretty certain I’d have never picked up a guitar or joined a band.


Over to you, dear reader. How do you imagine your life would have been if punk never happened?




1 thought on “What would you be like if punk hadn’t happened?

  1. Egads! I started out listening to strictly Top 40 music during a really bad time for the format. Then I graduated to FM Rock at the age of 15 after overdosing on disco in 1978. Would I still be listening to sappy English Prog, like Emerson, Lake + Palmer? I imagine I’d have gravitated to at least Krautrock; which I did in any case! And of course, King Crimson. Which has remained a thread in my last 40 years, come Punk or high water.

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