Johnny Rotten’s Hamster – Punk Rock Pets #1

The Sex Pistols never really did their best to come across as animal lovers, the kind of people who sat at home stroking kittens or making time to clean their guinea pigs out. They were so busy leading the “all hell breaking loose-ness” of Punk Rock, so caught up with the war on everything that maybe they forgot to mention it.

On the face of it, they seemed unlikely pet owners is all I’m saying.

There’s a great clip from BBC’s The One Show from December 2009, where John Lydon revisits his childhood home on the 6 Acre Estate, Finsbury Park, London. Although his family no longer live there, he gives a tour of his family’s old homestead and recounts his early life within it’s walls. As he stands in the living room, he points to where his parents chairs would be, then turning around he points to the other corner that apparently housed “two budgies and a hamster, which we used to call Sid Vicious….in fact that’s where the name Sid Vicious comes from, named after my hamster”.

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