Punk Jukebox

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This is a state of the art jukebox in 1978. There was always a selection of doo-wap 1950s and beaty 1960s hits, soul classics, prog rock and the latest pop hits. Maybe … just maybe, there’d something worth putting on.

Jukeboxes were just another example of the great waiting game which included almost everything before streaming and computers. First you had to wait for a record to be a hit, then wait to see if the jukebox would include it, then wait until it was your turn on the jukebox, and then wait as the internal mechanics replaced the previous record, selected yours and then watch it being winched over to the playing area. Sometimes the records would be mis-filed and you could punch in the number for whatever you wanted to hear and still end up with Mull of Kintyre!


But with not much cool stuff to choose from, perhaps I did put ‘Sound of the Suburbs’ on ten consecutive times.









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