NEW Punkgirldiaries 2021 Wall Calendar


Features punkgirldiaries colourful anarchic graphics and humour, as well as birthday reminders for more than 50 women in music! There are well-loved ’70s punk girls, fashion icons, DJs and post-punk pop performers who have that punk attitude. It’s a year-round smile in a tricky world – brilliant as a gift, or just for you. Buy soon before it sells out!

60 in stock



    It doesn’t integrate with your electronic devices or update automatically, but it does have wild colourful images and interesting text, reminders for when different cool punk women have their birthdays and it’s not available on the High Street. Also not available in Not On The High Street. Or Amazon. Which makes it a pretty exclusive present for yourself or a special someone. It’s an amazing hang-it-on-the-wall paper product which is the same size as the blogzines (210mmx210mm)

Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 210 × 210 × 0.5 cm


  1. Simon Le Bone (verified owner)

    This splendid item came with the latest fabulous blogzine…I’m just not sure what it does.
    It has lots of numbers, days and pictures and appears to be made of trees.
    But when I say, ‘Siouxsie, order me the latest Dream Nails cd from Alcopop records!’ nothing happens, I suspect it may need charging but I can’t find the USB port?
    Until I can get this sorted out, I’ve put it on my wall next to the signed picture of Helen McCookerybook.

  2. Julianne Regan (verified owner)

    All you could wish for in a calendar; the required 12 months (predictably arranged from January to December, but that’s not a fair criticism), and blank squares where the owner can write what they plan to do, or document what they have done. It’s on top quality card/papery stuff and is an absolute design *classic* that will cheer the wall in my music room a treat. SPOILER ALERT – there is an appearance of a kitten, just the one, mind. Here’s hoping for a German Shepherd puppy (that most 70’s of dogs) for the 2022 version. I’m slightly peeved that my birthday isn’t marked in, and so can’t give it the full 5 stars, so, as Cathy McGowan didn’t say :”It’s a whopping and heartfelt 4.99 out of 5 from me!” In all seriousness, this is a beautifully crafted artefact that you need to own.

    • Vim Renault

      Sorry about your birthday… and the kitten not puppy. Will rectify for 2022!

  3. Jonathan Cook (verified owner)

    Right. It’s a calendar innit? Hangs nicely from the side of the slightly askew Billy bookcase where you keep the PGD issues, Scarfolk ephemera, and your RE/Search collection. Excellent illustrations (especially the cover). There does seem to be a printing error since I’m pretty sure March has 700 days now. All in all, an excellent place to note your gig schedule (assuming we get to gig!) and a good bit of fun. What more do you want for eight quid?

  4. Mark O’Neill (verified owner)

    A calendar which both reminds me of good times but also allows me to plan out a whole year of more fun times, gigs and record releases. Another fine Punk Girl Diaries prime cut. Highly recommended.

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