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Pre-order zine 6 published 18th May 2021.

Our Blogzine cover art is always amazing, and sets the tone for what lies within. For Blogzine 6 we are delighted to be able to wrap our writing in Poly Styrene’s original collage artwork for ‘Germ Free Adolescents’ – with special permission of Celeste Bell and the Poly Styrene Estate 1976-2021. Celeste also features in the ‘zine as she tells us about writing and directing the film ‘I Am a Cliche’, and the journey she’s been on to uncover more about Poly’s life. We also interview the brilliant Shirley Manson from Garbage about growing up in Edinburgh, moving to the USA and life during lockdown. Joolz Denby is a smart and straight-talking writer and performance poet. For decades she handled the art, merchandise and marketing that drove New Model Army‘s success and huge fan base in the 1980s and 1990s. Dolly Mixture are one of the all time great post punk all-girl bands, and bass player Debsey Wykes tells us about their formation, memorable gigs and her new music with Birdie and St Etienne. Liz Naylor gets to grips with the late great Vi Subversa and why she’s such an important figure for punk women. We’ve also discovered a new wonderful band from Budapest called Exotic Girlfriend, with excellent film-making credentials and a wicked sense of humour.  We also pour scorn on High Heels, give you a lesson in the punk wars, ask what the real purpose of soundchecks is and much much more

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Vim Renault and Lene Cortina are two grown-up punk women who started a blog in 2018 to write about the women in and around punk rock, and those who have been inspired by it since. In 2020 lockdown, the first printed zine was produced in a satisfying square format, which takes the random chaos of photocopied punk fanzines and turns it into a full-colour graphics party of old and new styles. There’s recycled Jackie comic strips, polemic, sarcasm and a lot of detailed research. Interviewees include older women who were there at the start of punk, the indie-poppers, shoegazers, anarcho-punks and riot grrrls who followed later as well as newly discovered bands from the 2020s. For £10, there is a lot to read, a lot of great pictures to feast your eyes on, and only one real advert for punkgirldiaries magnificent range of T-shirts, postcards and badges. It’s off-grid and on trend. And you get a free poster if you order early!

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