Nominate Someone Across the World to Win a T-Shirt!

After 2 weekends of brainy competitions, aimed at English speakers and won by lovely people in the UK, we’re having a change with this weekend’s competition, which closes at 9am Monday 1st May 2020.

We’re aiming to socially distance ourselves from one of our ‘Three Chord Wonder’ or ‘Part Time Punk’ T-Shirts by sending it far away to someone you nominate. Let’s all be nice!

If you live outside the UK, you could nominate yourself, but it would also be great to nominate someone who would be just right for one of our T-Shirts in small, medium, large or XL sizes?

Tell us, preferably in a single tweet to @punkgirldiaries or a very short email to the first name of the person you’re nominating, which country they live in and why they should get a part time punk or three chord wonder T-Shirt. (You can specify which). Certainly you can also nominate yourself – but it’s gonna have to be good!

If your nomination is chosen, we’ll get full details (address, size etc) from you on Monday. We might choose the most distant, the best reason… Let’s see what comes in!

1 thought on “Nominate Someone Across the World to Win a T-Shirt!

  1. Scott Sundberg May 31, 2020 — 1:03 pm

    Three chord wonder? WTF? I don’t play jazz – sheesh!

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