New Year Mega Song Lyric Quiz

Here at, we love a quiz! During 2020, we’ve already sent many free zines and T-shirts to competition winners. For the start of 2021, we’ve decided to do a huge 50-question punk/pop music missing word lyric quiz. You can do it for fun, or put in an entry as a comment below, or via email to try and win a full set of our 4 blogzines.

We’ve tried to make it accessible and easy by choosing some of the best known songs from 50 female-fronted bands or solo artists. We’ve also tried to get it right by double-checking, but we’re not going to get into debates about whether ‘cabbage’ is right because that’s what they sang at a 1983 gig in Frankfurt, or on the 12″ remix etc. Just go for the obvious answer; there’s no extra points for smartarsery this time! Okay – grab a notepad, ask the family… let’s go!

Q NoArtistLyric
1.Sandie ShawLove is just like a _____________, with all the fun of the fair
2BlondieI know a girl from a __________ street, cold as ice cream,
but still as sweet
3Ms DynamiteYo, I’m the same little girl that grew up next door to you
Went through all the things a ___________ girl goes through
4B52sWe were at the beach; everybody had matching ___________
5Big JoanieIf I ever fall asleep now, would you wake me from the dream
that’s kept me crying now for ___________
Well you can dress me in your __________
give me kisses forever and a day yeah
7The Body
People get ready, gotta do rock _____________
But The Girl
And I miss you,
like the ____________ miss the rain
9Joan JettI don’t give a damn ’bout my _____________;
you’re living in the past, it’s a new generation
10Kate BushI’d make a deal with God,
and I’d get him to ____________ our places,
11PenetrationPenetrating __________ going through my head,
I haven’t listened to a thing they said
12The SelectorI bought my baby a red _________,
he played it all day a-go-go a-go-go
13SleeperShe’s shopping for kicks, got the weekend to get through,
keeping the rain off her Saturday _____________
14Althea and DonnaGimme little ___________ make m’whine up m’waist
15Siouxsie and the BansheesFrom the cradle bars comes a beckoning voice,
It sends you _____________
Doctor! Doctor! Can’t you see I’m ____________
17Kim WildeLooking out a ___________ old window,
down below the cars in the city go rushing by
18The PretendersI’m special, so special,
I gotta have some of your ___________; give it to me
19PlasmaticsYou sold your __________ in the discount store;
you watch TV, you don’t want any more
20Chumba wumbaI get knocked down, But I get up again
(we’ll be singing, ___________ the night away)
21Little EvaSo come on, come on, do the locomotion with me
You gotta _________ your hips now, come on baby
22XYou don’t have to call me back,
your ___________ off the hook, but you’re not
23Au PairsNowadays you wash sheets,
in the bath, scrub my _________ for me
24The SlitsTypical girls can’t control themselves,
typical girls are so __________
25Suzi QuatroLet her come let her go, she can ____________
down in Devil Gate Drive
26Salt n PepaSalt and Pepa’s here, and we’re in effect,
want you to ________ it, babe
27ShampooUh oh we’re in trouble
We’ll catch a _____________ on the next space shuttle
28Laura MarlingDo you remember what I said? The ________ I left by your bed
The words that some survivor read
29GarbageYou pretend you’re high,
pretend you’re __________, pretend you’re anything
30Sophie Ellis BextorHey, it’s murder on the dancefloor,
but you better not __________ the groove
31Florence & the MachineThe dog days are over, the dog days are done
The ________ are coming so you better run
32ToyahIt’s a mystery, oh, it’s a mystery,
I’m still searching for a _________
33LushOh God, the boy had such an ___________
he liked to talk about himself all day and all night
34The CrampsWhoa…there’s some things baby I just can’t swallow.
Mama told me that girls are ______________.
35Dolly PartonYour beauty is beyond compare,
with flaming locks of ____________ hair
36Juliana Hatfield ThreeHe’s a movie star, only drives ______________ cars.
Met him in a bar, said “I know who you are.”
37Donna SummerGotta have some hot ____________,
gotta have some love tonight
38X-Ray SpexDo you see yourself On the TV screen
Do you see yourself in the _______________
39Nenah CherryWho’s that gigolo on the street
with his hands in his pockets and his _____________ feet?
40Hazel O’ConnorI’ve made a better world for _____________;
nobody laugh, nobody cry; world without end
41The PrimitivesHere you go, way too __________
don’t slow down, you’re gonna crash
42Strawberry SwitchbladeJust close your eyes and then remember
the thoughts you’ve _______________ away
43Carly SimonYou walked into the party
like you were walking onto a ______________
44Nadine ShahLadies for babies and __________ for love
45All About EveI sit by the _____________________
the sea calls to me
46Joan ArmatradingI am not in love but I’m open to ______________________
47Kirsty MacCollThere’s a guy works down the _________________ shop
swears he’s Elvis
48Patti SmithJesus died for somebody’s sins but not __________________
49Sister SledgeNo, we don’t get depressed;
here’s what we call our ______________ rule: have faith in you and the things you do
50Altered ImagesI would like to climb high in a __________________;
I could be happy

If you want to enter the competition to win zines 1-4, please email, or write your answers as a comment below by 12 noon GMT on Saturday 9th January 2020. If there is a tie between entrants, the zine-winning entry will be drawn at random, but we might also give away some of our 2021 calendars too! The answers and winner will be added to this post on Sunday 10th January, and announced on Twitter @punkgirldiaries. Good luck and Happy New Year 2021!

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