My Girlfriend was a Punk

If you have fifty quid to spend on a rare punk record, then why not consider ‘My Girlfriend was a Punk’ – an unofficial French compilation LP covering early female-led punk bands from across the world. Those who study the ‘meaning of meaning’ and other philosophical semantic greats would do well to ponder on that past tense title.

My girlfriend was a punk , and …….

she dumped me because I wear M & S slacks?

so I had to pretend to my mother that she worked on a Saturday and couldn’t come for tea?

but honestly, I don’t mind at all… I’m really open minded, I’m cool with that?

then she got a job at Barclays Bank?

but I converted her to jazz-funk?

if you’re in doubt, then the album cover shows the concept of the album. The music is great, early raw punk.


‘An unofficial release’ means that someone – and it’s not clear who – gathered loads of demos and had them pressed into a vinyl album, without it being an actual record company with listed catalogue numbers….yawn.. Here’s the back cover:

Out of the track list, it’s only The Doll that I had previously heard of; some are French, German and U.S. bands; the sound production varies, but the energy is brilliant.


If you haven’t got time to listen to the whole 33 minutes of it, have a listen to my favourite track 365 by Gluearms!



A1 The Lepers Flipout
A2 Sick Things* Antisocial Disease
A3 Ici Paris Le Centre Du Monde
A4 Usch LTO
A5 Rough Cut Danger Boy
A6 The Stripes Week End Love
A7 The Questions (4) Take A Ride
A8 Electric Deads 30 Years
A9 Glueams 365
A10 Mary Monday I Gave My Punk Jacket
B1 The Doll Trash
B2 S.I.B. No One Rules
B3 Joy Rider* And Avis Davis Nasty Secretary
B4 Anouschka Et Les Privés (2) Contrôle
B5 Tyranna Back Off Baby
B6 Sado-Nation Mom And Pop Democracy
B7 The Reactors (2) World War 4
B8 Sheena & The Rokkets Omae Ga Oshi

Blogger Maggie Spear includes more tracks with comments on her excellent 2015 blog post Maggie describes herself as a ‘good-for-nothin’ 22-year-old with an obsessive personality and a deliberately non-obsessive lifestyle’.

And when there are 22-year old punkgirls in 2015, who are interested in music made before they were born, we can truly say punk’s not dead!



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