How Punk changed Hair


The world of fashion hairdressing is tricky How can you innovate when all the hairdo basics have been covered?  … long and straight, long and wavy, curled back, curled forward. Short and curly, short and feathery, flicked up, flicked under. Hang on a minute…… what are these kids doing sticking their hair straight up in the air?

Punk was about not going to the hairdresser. I don’t think I went for about 10 years; instead I cut it myself and occasionally bleached it, dyed it, shaved bits off and made it stick up. I only had short, spiky hair that needed a bit of gel or spray,  but extreme punk styles frequently used sugar and water, soap, gelatine or even pva glue to make the hair stay up.

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But before long, hairdressers were embracing some of the punk spirit. At first there was just one salon in town where you could get a ‘punk look’ but soon spiky became mainstream.

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Mainstream punk look from Cher

And of course, there’s money to be made from it, so you no longer need to use school glue or sugar-water to get that mohican. You can buy the product from all good suppliers.

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As I now go about my grown-up business, I try to spot OPGs (Old Punk Girls). You do see them every so often. They might be in their fifties and wearing a smart dress from Next or Marks and Spencer’s, but from their hairstyle, you can tell that they used to be a Punk Girl.

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