Happy New Year 2020

A little over two years ago, this punkgirldiaries.com blog was started by us (Polly and Ruth). It came from boredom with adult life, nostalgia for the old thrashy tunes and the realisation that the punk movement had hugely impacted on our personalities, values and life stories.

We had a one-day ‘meeting’ in London, where we decided to start this blog. Somehow we got enthused and have since managed to write nearly 400 posts – most of them in the first year. The statistics thing tells us that over 132,000 visitors have viewed the site and readers seem to come from all over the world and from all age groups. We have badges, little ‘zines and T-shirts but we’re not very good at selling this stuff!

Our second badgezine – produced for Recordstore Day 2019

Whilst 2018 was a year of action, innovation and creativity. 2019 saw less publishing, more illness, mourning and paralysis of ideas. 2020 therefore should see us back to form. We don’t get together very often and tend to communicate by text message. But we hope to post more frequently on the blog and delve more into the facts about punkgirls – both well-known musicians and their fans.

What else? There could be podcasts. There could be vlogs. We could actually sort out the blog structure so that people can find things more easily. We both fancy DJing a punkgirldiaries night, and we’re both songwriters, so anything could happen in 2020! Thank you so much for your support, positive comments and friendship and we look forward to maybe meeting you one day!

Polly and Ruth

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2020

  1. I’m a fan! 🙋‍♀️ Please continue. Thank you for your blog!

  2. I certainly am enjoying your work – thanks for all you do!

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