Draw a punk girl competition winners


Siouxsie Sioux by Kathryn Mallow https://www.instagram.com/mogplus/?hl=en

“I’m a disabled artist, mostly working digitally with a mouse rather than stylus due to hand and wrist pain due to joint hypermobility syndrome.”

“Thank you for running the competition, it was a lot of fun.”

Well done https://twitter.com/MogPlus – we love your black and white picture of Siouxsie!

Siouxsie Sioux and Poly Styrene by John Patterson https://www.instagram.com/tartanbaffies/

‘Cause I want to be anarchy
It’s the only way to be

“Chuffed to have won the option of a t shirt or zine. Saddened with the response to your 10 minute drawing competition, luckily I had a few to hand. Love dipping in & out online with your blog which has loads of FAB stuff & always something to learn about that hey day!!”

Congratulations https://twitter.com/tartanbaffies – your punk girls are full of character!

As John said, we didn’t get many entries to this competition, but we’re delighted with the ones we did get! We’re sorry that we can’t return paintings, but we do give a prize for each one we show.

4 thoughts on “Draw a punk girl competition winners

  1. Cool artwork!

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    Your image of Pat Keysell took me right back to childhood memories of “The Gallery” and that fluffly worm thing that zipped around (“The Woofumpuss”)… and the birth of Morph who was Wallace and Gromit’s grandad!
    I remember bouncing around in glee when I bought The Beautiful South’s CD single of “One Last Love Song” in about 1994 and discovered that one of the tracks “Java” is the theme tune to Vision On!

    1. I forgot to add the similar glee when “Left Bank Two” – the theme for The Gallery popped up on my son’s LittleBigPlanet video game many years later.

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