Do Anything You Wanna Do

We already know that the least documented version of punk is the girl version. For years it has been seen as a boy thing, but girls heard the siren call as much as anyone else and if you happened to be in The Slits or X-Ray Spex, then there will be a half history pinned up somewhere, and forty years later there might even be a book. But if in 1977 you happened to be 12, then you had to find your own way there, all the way from zero. It took me about 20 seconds to understand punk, it seemed to boil down to the “no rules” rule, otherwise known as the first rule of Punk Club which was that there were no rules. This meant that if you wanted to be in a band you could, and even if, like me, you didn’t have a guitar or know any chords, none of these things mattered anymore, they were just details. In Punk’s brave new world all you needed to do was find some suitable bandmates and get on with it. In the summer heat of August 1977, watching Eddie and the Hot Rods on Top Of The Pops “Do Anything you Wanna Do”. Life changer.


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