Bored Teenagers Photo Competition

We asked on Twitter for photos that summed up the idea of ‘Bored Teenager’ – regardless of how old you are. In fact we did a super-scientific survey that showed 86.5% of you think you can still be a ‘Bored Teenager’ over the age of 50.

Probably because you want one of our T-Shirts?

Anyway, here’s some of the photos that were submitted – winner announced below:

All the entries were excellent, @Bookdon was very bored indeed as was @therealsarc @erik_leroy @WesleyBeech @unknowthyself @stacy_reading and @gerryjford – despite the lurid green hair, @MogPlus, and @Karynme07 for refusing to smile, not forgetting the sneering @GavinJuniper and @sussexsedition. Also @chanburi_fc who bored his wife with football, @stonethrower72 with the bored teenage garden graduates, and @GeoffTulley caught in the act of boring @TracyBrabin the MP!!

Out of the hat winner is @Craig_Thurlow – catatonic with boredom despite being treated to fruity cocktails. Well done and thank you for your entries!

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