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We know we say this every single time … but Blogzine 7 really is the best one yet!!! With amazing interviews and varied subject matter, we hope that it’s an utterly immersive and thought-provoking read. Just look at the line-up –

Throwing Muses was an essential US alternative band in the 80s and 90s, but founder Kristin Hersh has made great music with 50 Foot Wave and as a solo artist since then, after she refused to bend to the demands of a major record label. Now Kristin writes books, continues to record and tour and has a whole lot of advice for us.

There’s a big Scotland theme to this issue of the zine. Rose McDowall of Strawberry Switchblade talks music, marmosets and being the most morbid child at the bus stop. Her song Since Yesterday also lends its title to a documentary film being made about Scottish girl bands. The film-maker is Carla Easton of Glasgow’s Teen Canteen, and find out about the many women in bands in Scotland from the 1960s onwards.

We all recognise the string fuelled intro to Come on Eileen, but whose violin playing was at the forefront of Dexys best known tune? Helen O’Hara spoke with punkgirldiaries about letting down the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra to go touring with Dexys, fulfilling her dream of being lead violin in a pop band, and playing with Tanita Tikarum and Everything But The Girl. After 24 years Helen has restrung her bow and will soon be on tour with Tim Burgess.

And we’ve all had the ‘punk or not punk?’ conversation about Toyah … but we never thought we’d be having it WITH Toyah! Toyah talks with us about 1979, Jubilee and Quadrophenia. Punk or not punk is kind of up to you, but we’re reminded of the great impact she has had with her confidence, dyed hair and grand visions.

Blogzine 7 also includes thoughts about Blondie and the rise of Blu-tack, the writing of Because the Night lyrics by Patti Smith, a critique of parenting using the case study of Lena Zavaroni, a look at jelly shoes, moaning about ashtrays and some very well-known women musicians talk about their experiences of recording a John Peel Session. There’s art, comic strips and all. It’ll take you a long time to read it, and your friends might want to borrow it after. We make it just for you.

Although we have over 400 free posts on our blogsite, none of the Blogzine 7 exclusive interviews are available online or anywhere else!!

You can order it now from our store page along with t-shirts and back issues that feature long form interviews with Exene Cervenka, Shirley Manson, Miki Berenyi, Celeste Bell, Gaye Black, Gee Vaucher, Lesley Woods, Debsy Wykes, Big Joanie, Alannah Currie and so many many more!!

Blogzine 7 is officially published on 20th July 2021, when we will be having a grand virtual launch party on Twitter at 8pm GMT.

You can buy Blogzine 7 from our store page HERE and we aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours.

BZ7 also comes with a brand new free A3 full colour poster while stocks last!!

And because we just can’t help ourselves … we also wrote and recorded a song about it!!

5 thoughts on “Blogzine 7

  1. Love your manic energies there punk girls – your guitar parts and plastic sunglasses make me think of the Banana Splits!

    1. Ha ha!! Well spotted Ben, as much as we’d like to be revered for our dour moodiness … the whole Banana Splits thing still leaks through!

  2. Wow. This is the 2nd reference to Lena Zavaroni I have seen online in as many days. I’d never heard that name prior, so I looked her up and that’s just tragic!

    1. Hi PPM!! Good to hear from you!

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