Anagram competition!


Who could these 8 punk girls, 1 punk guy and 1 band be? (Punk here includes early 1980s post-punk, pop-punk etc for all you ’76 purists – the artists and bands we write about in punkgirldiaries)

Send your answers by email or as a message here or on Twitter by 9am on Tuesday 26th May 2020.

We will draw one winning entry out of a hat, and you can choose a punkgirldiaries T-Shirt or a copy of our Blogzine to be sent to you anywhere in the world free!


The punctuation is not in the artist or band’s name – it just makes the anagram phrase clearer!

1. head bribery

John Soules Foods - Mother's Day Giveaway


2. a pure luminary

We are all like the bright moon . . .' | The Asian Age Online ...


3. verbal invite

Come As You Are | Hope Church


4. hey let’s peel

Clementine: Nutrition, Benefits, and How to Eat Them


5. baked big one

Perfect Baked Potato Recipe - No Foil Baked Potato Method


6. ravaged yet?

Wood pigeon enjoying a bath in the rain. | Wood pigeon, Bird garden


7. cherish disney

Walt Disney's hand-signed Mickey Mouse doll, desk, chairs up for ...


8. egg shoot

Every Egg for Themselves?| Shellshock io| I raged!!! - YouTube


9. i love lamp

Watch This Zen Kitty Absorb the Healing Powers of a Salt Lamp


10. youth team win

Kids Sports Camp - Lehi City


Don’t post the answers in comments or on our Twitter feed! Send the names of the one band, one male artist and eight female artists via message or email them with your name to

1 thought on “Anagram competition!

  1.       1-Debbie Harry 2-Pauline Murray 3-viv Albertine 5 – beki bondage 6 – Gaye advert 7-Chrissie Hynde 9- Palmolive

    Struggling with the rest Pete

    Sent from my iPhone



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