Patricia Morrison – from The Bags to The Damned

Patricia Morrison has lived a proper musician’s life; she’s been a key member in several different  and cool bands and her visual style has taken punk to goth to simply beautiful in black. As a teenager she started playing bass, pictured below rehearsing  in her first band ‘Femme Fatale’ with Margo Reyes. Patricia’s original inspiration as a Californian teenager were Iggy Pop, The Doors and lots of UK artists such as Bowie, Queen and Roxy Music.

“When punk came along it opened up opportunities with like minded people deciding to give it a go and I was one of those people. I found two other girls (most boys wouldn’t consider playing with girls back then unless they were the singer or on keyboards), and we started playing with cheap drug store bought instruments. It was all so exciting between ‘being in a band’ and going to see concerts of old and new bands.”

Margo and Patricia rehearsing with Femme Fatale, 1975/76.
Femme Fatale

In 1976, Patricia teamed up with Alice Armendariz and others to form punk band The Bags. They were one of the earliest L.A. punk bands – their gimmick was to wear paper bags on their heads as in this picture: – and they played extensively, including venues where the new punk sound was not appreciated.


According to  Patricia Morrison,  she was sacked from The Bags for ‘being too punk’ -because she jumped around on stage and backcombed her hair.

“Any females I have played with have been strong characters and in some ways more single-minded than the men. Also, back then you had to try harder if you were a girl. As I started playing with women first, it never seemed odd or different to me—it was down to the individual’s personality so not much difference looking back on it. Male and female, we all had the same problems, issues, camaraderie and egos.”

Here’s a good interview done recently by Alice Bag, where she talks with Patricia:

Image result for patricia morrison 1980
The Gun Club

After leaving The Bags, Patricia played for a while with Legal Weapon before being asked to join The Gun Club in 1982. She moved to London with the band, but was soon involved in many other projects, including Fur Bible. Again, Patricia was in demand as a musician when The Sisters of Mercy founder Andrew Eldritch lost the other members of the band. With her cool image and ability to play, Patricia Morrison was ideal.

Image result for patricia morrison 1980
Patricia in The Sisters of Mercy with Andrew Eldritch

Following a period of time recording and touring as a solo artist with her own band, Patricia was asked to stand in as bassist for The Damned following an accident that injured previous bass player Paul Gray. Several tours followed and then Morrison married lead singer Dave Vanian in Las Vegas.

“I was a fan beforehand so it was incredible to me I was actually in The Damned. Before me, Paul Gray was in the band and quit after being hit with a beer glass. Captain asked me if I would play and I said I would give it a go. I stayed in the band until I was eight months pregnant with Emily. By the end I had to hold the bass to the side of me. I did a US tour, one last London gig and put my bass away.”

Image result for patricia morrison and dave vanian
Wedding Day

We salute you, Patricia for having made so much great music, and having such a big impact on female musicianship and style. But we’re sure that there is more to come and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!








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