The Banana Splits – preparation for punk

The first whiff of nihilism and anarchy I got as a very young kid came from The Banana Splits. They were an animal diversity band who bumped into each other a lot and had a  TV show with a classy theme tune. Even now I whistle the Banana Splits theme tune in the shower.

What I didn’t remember about the programme until I looked today, was that there was a gang of girls involved. Maybe that’s another reason why it appealed to me. Sometimes dancing in miniskirts or singing, these 1960’s pre-teens  must have been something I aspired to at the time. You can find more about them online:

The Sour Grapes Bunch is a group of human girl characters from the Banana Splits. One of the members of the club – Charley, usually played by Shirley Hillstrom – would bring a written note to the Splits. None of the Sour Grapes spoke in the entire series; however, they would also do a number with the Banana Splits. In the first-season episode on October 5, 1968, a song debuted entitled “Doin’ The Banana Split,” as all five girls appeared together with the Splits.


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