This is a chord…


The three chords illustration was often credited to “Sniffing Glue” fanzine, founded by Mark Perry of Alternative Television, but it was actually from issue No. 1 of “Sideburns”, founded by Tony Moon, and published in January 1977.
This simple hand-drawn diagram somehow seemed to sum up the evolving Punk ethos and the hunger for change in a few slashes of felt pen, particularly where music was concerned. These 3 chords really are all that is necessary to write a song, and many bands, including the Ramones have proved that over and over. It fitted perfectly with Punk’s DIY manifesto, there were no more excuses, “Now Form a Band” it suggested, and, armed with these 3 chords, loads of people, including ourselves, did exactly that.

And now, because you know them as well, we would encourage you to do exactly the same. Apart from the Ramones, many other bands had hits with 3 chords, Pulp with Common People, No Fun by The Stooges and Get It On by T Rex.

More recommendations by Kyle MacNeill for the NME

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